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BBC Olympics

Delivering a new way of experiencing the Olympics and live sport online

For the past 18 months we have been working closely with the BBC Olympic team. It is the aim of the BBC to deliver a new way of experiencing the Olympics and live sport online.

The most in-depth online coverage

The BBC asked us to help them understand how best to deliver such a large amount of information to their audience, including:
  • Multiple channels of live events
  • A catch-up service for all events
  • Up to date news
  • Information on all competing countries and athletes
  • Guides and live stats about events
  • A comprehensive schedule of events
We combined various methodologies including, multiple lab sessions across the UK, diary studies, in-home visits, accessibility testing and phone interviews.

Delivering live and catch-up coverage of all Olympic events

For the first time ever, the BBC will be broadcasting every Olympic event live online. In order to achieve this, the team has developed a new technology for delivering all of this video content, known as the Intelligent Video Player (IVP). As a result the BBC team needed to understand how their audience would understand and react to this new service.


Over the course of 18 months we have delivered multiple sets of findings, video evidence, presentations and actionable reports.


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