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Uncovering future directions for the blinkbox service

blinkbox is a video on-demand service allowing users to watch movies and TV shows. The service is available on computers, smart TVs, tablets and Games consoles. blinkbox offers streaming of the latest movies online, without the need for a subscription.
blinkbox were looking to understand what audiences need from on demand services. So, we conducted research to identify a product strategy and the key services and features required.

Understanding how people use video on-demand in their everyday lives and identifying future needs

In order to give blinkbox a competitive edge we conducted ethnographic research to uncover existing behaviours and to identify future needs. We combined a number of research methods to produce robust insights, including:
  • Lab depths to observe what participants were currently doing to watch video on demand on PCs, Tablets and TVs
  • Media diaries over a month to understand the context of the audiences’ overall media consumption. We specifically focused on how blinkbox could fit into these patterns of consumption
  • Shadowing (home visits)
  • We videoed participants to communicate insights to the client team 


As a result of this research we worked together to create the following:
  • A future product strategy
  • An action list of quick wins
  • A comprehensive and prioritised design checklist
  • A report outlining key unmet audience needs and recommendations on how to meet these
  • Short video Vox Pops of what the audience would want from an ideal video on demand service


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