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BBC Sport

Capturing the way audiences consume sports online

We are experts in capturing sports consumption. We have conducted numerous studies for BBC Sport across several platforms, including, online, IPTV, and mobile.

Understanding how sports fits into everyday lives

We've looked at how people keep up to date with a wide variety of sports day-to-day, and tracked how consumption then changes over the weekend when the number of live events increases. We have also focused in on the specific behaviour changes when someone's football team is playing.

Uncovering behavioural changes during special events

Of course much sport consumption is focused around the lead up to, during, and after special events. We have conducted research around live football matches, the 2010 Football World Cup, and are now preparing to conduct research in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics.


Our wide knowledge base and extensive experience in this area ensures we always offer BBC Sport teams a unique window into the mind of the passionate sports fan.


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