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Not on the High Street

Realising the online business potential of Not on the High Street

This online retailer’s inspiring business idea was already achieving success, but statistics revealed that initial homepage hits were not converting into expected sales.

Face to face contact

We worked very closely with the business owners, and brought them face to face with their customers – something that, as an online retailer, they had never experienced.
Then in a specially tailored workshop, we worked collaboratively with the team to identify the key areas where their overall service design could be improved to radically increase sales. This enabled the crucial usability issues to be brought into focus as well as providing insights into the enhanced shopping experience customers wanted.

Facilitating change

On our recommendations, the team overhauled the site navigation, redesigned the payment process and changed the way they displayed products. We were also able to help translate user insights from the workshop into enhancements to the experience design of the site.


Sales doubled within just one month of the recommendations being implemented and the annual sales growth rocketed to 673%.
Later that year the site was voted ‘MSN Shopping Site of the Year 2007’.


Participatory Design
Natural Usability
Behavioural Focus Groups

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