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Working with Nokia to predict the future of mobile music consumption

We have been working with Nokia for 6 years, helping them to develop their mobile music offering and providing deep insights into the future of music consumption .

A detailed exploration

We’ve employed a variety of research techniques for Nokia, from naturalistic usability testing through to a year-long, international, ethnographic diary study, monitoring how audiences responded to a free and unlimited music service. To predict future trends, we used our Future Lab methodology. Uniquely combining focus groups and diary studies, participants were given time and space to imagine the future of Cloud Music services, rather than being asked for ‘on the spot’ opinions, which can result in rather shallow feedback.

Outcomes: The customer up close

We have always taken a particularly collaborative approach when working with Nokia. We’ve done this both in the design and planning stages of the research and during the study itself, inviting them to participate where appropriate, for example meeting customers at workshop events. This has helped deepen the team’s understanding of their youthful and dynamic customers. All this research has resulted in a rich library of insights, which we have helped Nokia develop into living and breathing personas.


Living Personas
Natural Usability
Behavioural Focus Groups

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