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Looking into the future of TV with Intel

What does the future hold for the TV? Is it a screen? Is it a window to a networked world? Is it a multi-platform device that sits in the living room?

Just imagine

Technology innovator Intel is leading the way in shaping the future of the TV platform and how it delivers content. The company wanted to know more about how people might use other electronic devices as part of their future IPTV experience, e.g. for social networking or to look up supporting information.
To help Intel uncover these future needs, we used our Future Lab methodology, which combined focus groups and a diary study. ‘Early adopter’ audiences were encouraged to think deeply and imagine how they’d be experiencing and interacting with TV content in the near and distant future. A prototype IPTV tablet service was also concept tested in support of the broader study.


As a result we were able to deliver to Intel:
  • A clear framework for understanding audiences’ content needs
  • The triggers and motivations for people’s usage of TV networked apps
  • An understanding of how consumers want personal devices to work with IPTV
  • A vision of how TV content should be developed and delivered in a world where collaboration, banter and sharing are as important and entertaining as the TV programme itself.
Our research findings included compelling video of participants pondering their ideal future TV experiences – insights which proved to be inspirational to the design team.


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