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British Council

Helping the British Council meet the needs of its diverse, culturally-aware audiences

The British Council works to promote a wider knowledge of the United Kingdom and the English language abroad, in particular by encouraging educational co-operation between the UK and other countries.

Testing the proposition

With hundreds of partners and associated websites, the organisation wanted to create some uniformity in its web presence, starting with a new homepage and navigation. We worked collaboratively with the British Council on the first stage of this broad, 2 year programme of change to research their new online proposition with audiences which include international language students, UK professionals and academics.
We used natural usability testing to uncover how well people understood the organisation’s proposition from the homepage, to test the new top-level navigation and to reveal the extent to which the new design enabled participants to discover the numerous projects that the Council undertakes.


The results gave a very clear direction for the British Council in terms of what their audiences want and helped steer the team towards a solution for the next stages in their programme of work, which we continue to be involved in.


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Natural Usability

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